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Genie Locs/Yarn Braids


It’s official! I am putting yarn braids in my hair! I’ve wanted to do this for awhile, but I knew it was going to be very time consuming.  Now that I’m on summer vacation I have time to do it.  After watching two informative and motivational tutorials, I decided to go for it.  I went to Micheal’s Craft Store this morning and bought two spools of Red Heart Super Saver black yarn and one spool of purple yarn of the same brand.  I’m going to have 2 -4 purple braids!  This yarn is acrylic (instead of wool-it’s vegan! lol) and dye-free.  I will be able to wash my hair without worrying about discoloring the yarn.  I’m REALLY excited about this!  Not only is this hairstyle super cost-efficient ($9 total), but I get to do it myself.  I haven’t added extensions to my hair in years. I used to wear braids all the time in my youth and just about all the ladies in my family can do hair.  I like doing my own hair because I can control the tightness of the braids (if you’ve ever had braids you know what I mean).  I’m also looking forward to a hairstyle that resembles locs.  I’ve always pondered getting locs, but I don’t want to bind my hair in that way anytime soon.  However,  I love the way locs look.  Anyway, I anticipate this hairstyle will take 2-3 days so I will post pictures of the final product soon!


Author: charishreid

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5 thoughts on “Genie Locs/Yarn Braids

  1. *Ahem* (Clearing throat)
    Where are the photos? 🙂
    And 2-3 days is long. Mine took mere hours. I used wool braids as my very last transition style before I snipped the ends and locked my hair.


  2. Yes girl, we require pictures! LOL, There's an angry mob out here! Hey call me and tell me how the conference was.


  3. And Tasha, how does that work? Can you get the wool out? I saw on a YouTube video that it fuses with your hair. I'm very interested in this.


  4. Tomorrow, I promise!!! I just got back from a conference and I'm in the process of moving so please forgive me! Pics tomorrow:)


  5. @Charish: Yes, you unplait the same way you would ordinary braids. I have never heard of wool/hair fusing although I can imagine why it would. I would think that it depends on the length of time the wool braids are in the hair. Wool braids are generally used for transitioning, preparing the hair for locking. So you braid with wool and style as desired. As your natural hair grows out, you wash and palm roll the new growth. All the while your hair will be locking and meshing. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the locked new growth from the wool braid. When you have reached the desired length (or simply want to have just your naturally locked hair) you cut the wool off.


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