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Caution: Illegal Brown People

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I think these ladies have said it best.
Today, the Brown Man is the Illegal Man, therefore Public Enemy #1. I know you’ve heard me call lots of people Public Enemy #1 and you’re probably sick of it. Well, America seems to be afraid of a lot of people these days.

  • Gays who turn our kids gay
  • Sluts who want us to pay for their abortion pills
  • Poor people
  • Sick people
  • People who wear hoodies
  • Brown people

 I better not hear a frat boy talk about “Mexican Illegals” taking jobs after he’s had a binge drinking night that would rival all after-school-specials. Americans see no problem celebrating Cinco de Mayo at their local Mexican food restaurant or going to Party city to pick up an offensive poncho and handlebar mustache costume and then on the same day maligning their Mexican population. There’s something sick about that, right?

We are now regularly splitting up families due to our insatiable deportation appetites. Go to and you’ll find dozens of petitions trying to keep a father or mother in the states so they can take care of their children. So no, celebrating Cinco de Mayo with the rest of drunk repressed America, was not high on my priority list.

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

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