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I’ve been preoccupied with some spring-time diversions. I have to fill you in on some of this.

I’m listening to:

LP- “Into the Wild” I’m a complete sucker for songs I hear on commercials. This song, in particular, is fantastic. This young lady, who looks like a 60’s Bob Dylan, has beautiful vocals with a killer band. Give her a listen, if you haven’t already heard her on the Citibank commercial.

“Love Interruption.” Looking for a disturbing love song? Jack White and Ruby Amanfu have teamed up to sing about love slamming fingers in doorways and turning friends into enemies. It’s got a wonderful bluesy sound that makes you tap your toe while sitting with a guitar named “Lucille” on your lap.

When I walk down the street listening to “We Are Young” by Fun ft. Janelle Monae, I feel like I’m on top of the world. I know it’s another commercial song. Taco Bell? But I do feel young and able to “set the world on fire.”

 I’m Reading:

The latest issue of Mental Floss. You have no idea how excited I am when this magazine is in my mailbox. I love learning fun facts about everything and that’s all this publication is about. Did you know that all pandas in American zoos are leased from the Chinese goverment? Rental fees can cost upward to $1 million!

I’m Watching:

I didn’t see 500 Days of Summer and I don’t like She and Him but I do enjoy Fox’s New Girl. I know I’ve seen this plot before, but for some reason this show works well. It must be the characters or maybe it dirty jokes.

I’m Crushing on:

Keep your pants on Michael Fassbender! (or not) My husband thinks my crush on the Irish actor is cute. Like “roll his eyes and return to his morning paper” cute. That’s all we’ll say about this. . .


Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

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