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Period Cup *Update*

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There was one thing that I didn’t get a chance to mention in my last post entitled: Maxi-Pad, Tampons. . . and Cups?   And that was the night-time factor. I’ve dealt with years of nights worrying about my Super Overnight pad with wings protecting my sheets while I slept. I know that’s super personal, but it’s true and I’m sure you’ve dealt with that too.

Night-time menstruation consisted of wearing two Super Overnight pads, and pajama bottoms or old shorts. Then I had to lay on my side. . . all night. I’d wake up feeling very sore in my hips and back because I personally can’t sleep on my side, in one position, all night.

So rather than sleep in adult diapers, I’m sleeping in my Instead Cup! For 12 whole hours, I can sleep without wondering: “Am I leaking?” I can toss and turn or lay on my back, finally free to sleep. No waking up at early hours, sprinting to the bathroom to “check on things.”

All right, that’s all I’m going to say about menstruation. I swear.

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Writer and Educator.

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