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Revolutionary Women

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I just “amazoned” this awesome book called Revolutionary Women! Yes ladies and gents, I made into a verb. I’m a poet, I can do that.

This little book is edited by Queen of the Neighborhood, an “all-women collective of writers, reseachers, editors and graphic designers, originally hailing from New Zealand.” It was a collection of famous women revolutionaries that originally started as a zine, one of those pamphlets you can pass around. In this book, you’ll find amazing women like Harriet Tubman, Emma Goldman, Angela Davis (duh) and more! Along with their short revolutionary bios, you’ll find a stencil design of the woman!
It’s like having a baseball card collection of women who made a difference! (Nope, no need to point out how nerdy I am. Noted.)
The book says that I should cut these stencils out and paint! Turn these images into to street graffiti (my words, not theirs), make t-shirts and patches. Here’s what I did with my Angela Davis stencil.
I copied the image out of the book and blew it up to 130%, then I had to Xacto knife the stencil out of card stock. Then I thought, we need some wording. I added “Free” and “Angela”.
Here’s my first shirt:

I’m going to wear it everywhere and I plan to make some for my friends. Expect a shirt, Ev!

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

One thought on “Revolutionary Women

  1. Cool shirt! Yay! This book sounds interesting, I may have to amazon it;)


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