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Doth I Protest Too Much?


Readers might pick up on the shift of the tone in my writing lately, I hope it hasn’t scared anyone off too much. I’ve got a little revolt stuck in my throat and I’m trying to take care of it. Unfortunately, it will take me at least a year to clear my throat. While I write for you all, my favorite audience, I write for myself on Year of Revolt.

There’s a good chance that some of that revolt will spill over into the salon. Lately, at YoR, I’ve been talking about the rights of Animals. It’s led me to a super grassroots protest: Going Vegan. That’s been going pretty well for the last 20 days. I’m sure Evelyn has been at it for much longer and I’m taking cues from her.

Another way for me to protest was via I created a petition called,  
Petland: Stop Selling Rabbits. Easter is on it’s way and baby bunnies will be bought on a whim for children. Unfortunately, when parents find out that rabbits are not really “starter pets,” they abandon the animals at the shelter or in the wild. Both have troubling consequences. Not all shelters in the countries can keep rabbits alive like dogs and cats. The kill rate of rabbits are about 70% upon arrival. Other places that can keep the rabbits alive are overflowing with them. Of course, releasing domestic bunnies into the wild is no good. With no real instinct to rely on, they will soon be dead by predator, starvation or a car.

 It’s my hope to stop the problem at one of the sources. The pet stores. I can’t take on the rabbit mills, because I feel like they’re too big and not regulated enough. But if I can cut off the demand, maybe that will help.
Please stop by and sign.
It only takes a minute,
the effects could be tremendous.


Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

2 thoughts on “Doth I Protest Too Much?

  1. Ya know, I feel like we should all be passionate about something or some things. Most people just let life go by without really caring or giving a damn about long as they ahve their iphone and shopping money. Nothing wrong with that but you should be about more than that. I like that ya give a damn about the bunnies, I do too!


  2. Thank you for the support! I'll keep you update throughout the year. Next month is women's right. I can't wait for that!


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