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Blow Drying


I’m not sure what got me started, but I used a blow dryer for the first time in almost a year. I suppose I wanted to start on a new hair style and thought this could be a way to “wipe the slate clean.” I’m sorry to say that I used the high setting but at least I used a wide tooth comb? No? Doesn’t matter? I know, I know. When I finished, I had a bit of hair left in the comb, but my hair looked like this:

Okay, well not that long, but really soft, kinda poofy and a bit stretched. I thought to myself that I might be on to something. It would be nice to have a long afro that I didn’t have to pick out and when I wanted to twists or Bantu knots, they would be nicely stretched.

 Then I got a little nutty.
It was three days after my blow out and I wanted to do it again. Only this time, I should probably co-wash before hand. I hatched this ill-advised plan two hours before I had to go to work. So I was obviously in a rush to get dressed, put on some makeup and do all of this hair.

It was not getting soft and poofy like before! Instead, it was getting dry and crunchy at the ends. I was frying my ends and acting amazed that it was happening. I had a mess on my hands now one hour before going to work. What do I do? Headband? No, hair was literally sticking out in different directions, not falling anywhere.

This wouldn’t happen if I had just left the blasted tool alone. Even Noah doesn’t use the blow dryer. I begrudgingly went to work, with a geometric hairstyle that was at least parted in a socially acceptable manner. I didn’t like it. I kept feeling the ends of my hair throughout the day and getting scared that I had destroyed them over night. I’m sure that’s not the case, in fact, it’s probably time for a trim.

But I realized that I can still get carried away with heat tools. While other people are more responsible than I, I can never know where the line is. So the blow dryer is going back under the bathroom cabinet only to come out for crafting projects and drying henna.

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

2 thoughts on “Blow Drying

  1. Awww! I hear you! I've been tempted to do the same. But, I only use it on cool (after banding) to get most of the water out.


  2. That's smart. You gotta know how to have restraint!


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