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Meat-Free, Dairy-Free, Care-free

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It’s your girl Charish, here to say that I’ve been a vegetarian for the last 8 days. What on earth has brought on this change? It’s a moral decision that has been pressing me for the longest time. This year, I’m protesting for six major issues that I’m passionate about. You can read about it on a separate blog called A Year of Revolt. For the months of January and February, I’ve devoted time to researching and revolting in the name of Animal Rights. Part of my protest is abstaining from meat and dairy products.

Now since I don’t normally eat dairy, this month makes me a vegan. That’s means no seafood either. Overfishing in the world has serious environmental repercussions as well. I have to cover all my basis, don’t I? There is an ethical aspect to this month that I’m very conscious about, but I can’t forget about the important health aspect. So you might be wondering how the 8 days have gone. You’ll be delighted to know that it’s been fine.

Out of 8 of those days, 6 have been devoted to green smoothie making. They are not the most delicious drinks widely available but if you make it right, it can be a fresh fruity drink. Since I don’t take my multi-vitamin as regularly as I should. . . I need these smoothies.

Here are just a few things that I’m veggin’ out with:

I love these noodles! They are not the hard dry ramen noodles you went to college with. They are cooked noodles in a fresh pack that makes the microwaving process shorter. They also come with a packet of soy ginger sauce. No dry seasoning here.

I like to fry these wet saucy noodles in a skillet with canola oil. It caramelizes the sauce. I used to have a fried runny egg to go with them.
 Not anymore, bok choy or broccoli for me!

Kimchi is a Korean side dish or condiment that it’s absolutely tasty and good for you. The spicy fermented cabbage has been a Korean staple for hundreds of years. I gotta warn you though, when you open that jar, it’s gonna smell funky. Cabbage. Don’t let that deter you. I’ve been eating this with brown rice and by itself.

I have never liked oatmeal in my life but now that I’m 27, I thought I’d give it a fair shot. This organic oatmeal is. . . not bad.
It’s multi-grain and flax, so I’m getting my fiber and feeling full in the morning.

How I jazz it up? I add cinnamon, honey and crushed walnuts. It makes it quite a bit better.

Amy’s Dinners are in my arsenal now. I’m eating the Sonoma Veggie Burger because they are dairy and soy free. I don’t do soy very well at all and that makes vegetarianism hard. Amy has answered my prayers!

The burgers are made of vegetables, quinoa and walnuts. They are pretty good with a little guacamole and pico de gallo.


Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

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