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Do you ever feel, you know, not so feminine?


I worked at the bookstore today, wearing my alma mater’s sweat shirt, blue jeans and no make up. If anyone had a problem with it, I was prepared to tell them where they could put their complaint. When I wake up at seven o’clock to walk to a job where I lift boxes of books, ring up books, and dump the boxes that once held books into dumpsters . . . I suppose I have no desire to look cute.

But alas, you know that saying: “If you look good, you feel good.” I knew I looked like a bum and so I feel like my mood reflected it. I felt a little sullen and unattractive. Is there truth to that adage? Will looking pretty increase my productivity? In some weird depressing way, it might.

Tonight is going to be a night I will dedicate to self-pampering. I have a set of curl formers and spiral rods that I finally want to try. It’s possible that I might want to document the process for all of you. I might paint my nails some winter color like merlot. I might drink a glass of whiskey too.

There might be something to this self-beautification that women need in order to feel their best. I don’t put a whole lot of stock in this, but I am conscious of the fact that I ask Noah: “I know we’re about to go out, but you don’t mind if I look like a bum do you?” Of course, he never minds, but later, I’m the one who feels like they didn’t try hard enough that day.

Tomorrow is always a new day, right? If I’m discovered by a modeling agency at the ripe age of 27, I’ll owe it all to tonight’s self-beautification project. Ta-ta!

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

3 thoughts on “Do you ever feel, you know, not so feminine?

  1. Hi. Charish? Yes? Thanks for stopping by my blog. Really appreciate it. Thanks for being a follower.


  2. Thank YOU for stopping by, enjoy!


  3. People never believe me when I tell them I feel like I'm slumming it but I totally feel ya..sometimes I don't get all done up and put on the lipstick and blush..I can be bummish sometimes but I'm still a hippie on the inside so I suppose I shoulda knew that lol. I do feel a lot better when I'm dressed up rather than down and I think this is true for most women..I dunno why but I hear it time and time again! It just does something to your aura when you feel beautiful. I'm due for an at-home facial and mani myself 🙂 I'm digging a nice, new red shade!


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