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The Reading Revolution


While sipping tea with my buddy Evan in the Coffeehouse (Normal, IL), he and I talk about the usual: The Revolution of the Proletariat. We are concerned about the division of wealth in this country and how the poor, middle class and college educated were going to take it in a few years.

Then we talk about the possibility of a non-violent revolution. After seeing YouTube videos of what’s going on in Egypt and on the college campuses in our nation, we decide against it. Stokely Carmichael is brought up in our conversation, then Angela Davis.

“Did you see that documentary yet?” I ask him.
“Which one?” Evan has a million idling in his Netflix queue that require his attention.
“Black Power Mixtape.”
“Not yet.”
“Please see it, it’s the shit.”
“Got it.”

After awhile, Evan needs to go to the used bookstore across the street and I decide to join him. It’s cold and rainy here in Central Illinois. We are hit in the faces with wind as we hurry to the other side and are met with the warm musty emporium of knowledge.

It’s too easy to lose ourselves in all of these books, so we try to stick to goals. I’m looking for Angela Davis books and he’s looking Ralph Waldo Emerson essays. He can’t get enough of those transcendentalists. Here’s some of what I got:

I’m getting into that political theorist mood and it helps to be hang out with Evan to shoot the shit. I look forward to reading these books and taking some notes on them. If they’re working out for me, look forward to a book review in the future!

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

2 thoughts on “The Reading Revolution

  1. I watched the black power mixtape on netflix twice, its a powerful film and I hope the books work out for you so I can read your review. I may be interested in reading those also.


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