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*Hair Update*

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Hey there! I realized that I’ve been posting tons of food-related blogs and have neglected posting on my hair! The truth is that not a whole lot has been going on with the hair. I informed you all a little over a month ago that I had got my hair flat-ironed in a salon. I wore my hair straight for two weeks, then wore a flat-twist out for another two weeks. Therefore, I got a whole month of low-maintenance hairstyling. It was awesome. I have noticed a small amount of hair growth so I feel pretty good about what I’m doing with my hair. My hair regimen hasn’t changed much. I typically wear twistouts, braidouts, and pinned up styles in the winter, and twists and buns in the summer. I’m currently putting micro twists in my hair. It’s a laborsome task, but I hope that it will render a month-long protective style. A couple of pics of my more current hairstyles are below. I will post a picture of my micro twists once they are completed. 🙂 E


Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

One thought on “*Hair Update*

  1. I was thinking about doing mini twists too but thats a year long process lol cant wait to see yor results


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