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This is second time going natural. When I first attempted to go natural in 2003, I LOVED it! My hair was fuller, thicker and healthier. Unfortunately, I had not clue of how to take care of it. It was unmanageable, tangled and wrecked havoc on my comb(no pun intended) so I went back to the “creamy crack”. After a couple of years of relaxing, I notice bald patches, apparently from chemical burns, in my scalp. UHHH!! I tried to wear only protective styles to keep my relaxed hair health and retain length…NOT!! Didn’t work but it did go back to being dry, parched and thin. I said to myself, “at least when I was natural, my hair looked healthier, thicker and I definitely did not have to worry about bald patches in my scalp, let’s try this thang again!” So I started transitioning until my big chop in May of 2009, determined to find out in and EVERYTHANG about how to care for my natural hair!! Since then, I’ve been smooth sailing down natural, confidence lane. Though some people in my inner circle couldn’t understand my new “froey” hair style, I loved it, I was FREE!!


I went natural for the first time when my mom got sick and had to go into the hospital. I did the big shave instead of the big chop because my hair had come out in patches. I went natural again after I had my son, I liked it the fisrt time but I went back to the perm. After my son was born I went natural and never looked back. With a perm I was always worried about how my hair was laying and looking, not that I don’t do that now but I feel even more beautiful natural hair. I love It. being natural makes me feel BEAUTIFUL and FREE.



Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

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