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Apparently a couple bloggers out there think Ev and I are versatile bloggers! Hearing something like this is a tremendous compliment. Considering, my half of our Versatility Award might just be attention deficit disorder. Evelyn will tell you that I’m a scattered individual and I can’t really rest. If she allows it, I call her every once in a while to a new blog idea. So thank you, 1BlessedNatural and Naturaleza. We’ve been following these ladies for awhile and we dig their message. Rock on!

In passing on the Versatility torch, It’s expected that I say something about myself (7 things) and give props to 15 other blogs that I think rock. Well, I only listed 10, because I really only follow these bloggers closely and dabble in others. Don’t feel dejected. But I only have so many hours in the day. . .

 About me:

  1. Pearl Jam’s front man Eddie Vedder is on a list of men that I’m allowed leave my husband for. Noah approved of the choice. He has a list too.
  2. In college I “hosted” a Sidewalk Dance Party that consisted of a handful of friends dancing down one city block towards Downtown Normal. Where were you, Evelyn?
  3. I got my whiskey and cigar habit from my grandfather.
  4. I got these thick arms from grandmother.
  5. I love lists.
  6. I’m a lefty
  7. In 2007 I was the absolute last person in the world to buy the “out of print” Milli Vanilli album All or Nothing.

About the Bloggers I dig:

  • alisaburke, when it comes to crafting this chick don’t play. She’s a gifted artist with creativity coming out of her eyeballs. Check her out if you need a project to start.
  • Afropean Queen She’s a philosopher and quite literary. Every blog post starts with a compelling quote that gives you new perspective on the world.
  • Etta and Ashley from Foodgasm. These two are too groovy with their easy and delicious cooking. If you want to watch recipes actually made in front of your eyeballs, check out their YouTube channel:
  • If you want to check out interesting musings and great photography, I have to recommend hONEY fACED.
  • 1Blessed Natural is where I go for solid grassroots hair reporting. I admire her entrepreneur ability to create her own greeting cards and sell them. The communist in me is beaming!
  • Have you ever looked at old photos of your grandmother and thought, “it would be so cool to look Dorothy Dandridge vintage?” Then head over to The Retro Natural! She’s got the cutest vintage clothing and a YouTube channel devoted to her vintage hairstyle tutorials. She’ll have you belting out songs from Carmen!
  • Lucy Mae is such a cutie with her retro style and cutsie blog design. I want to curl up with hot tea and scroll through her beautiful photos, stories and recipes. 
  • If you want to get it poppin’ and loc’in, then stop by Naturaleza’s blog for all the hottest in locs style. She equips us with great photos and maintenance ideas. 
  • I’m hanging out at the CluelessCurl when I want some brash honesty about hair and green living. Maggi tells it to you straight with genuine humor. Her up-to-date hair knowledge and “eco-friendly living” news keeps me on my toes.
  • Funbi is legit blogger and one of the first ladies I followed in this natural hair journey. She’s been wearing box braids for awhile, if you want to know how to try that. And may I say, they look fantastic on her?

Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

2 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Congrats to you and Ev. Thanks for the shout out. I enjoy reading this blog keep up the good work.


  2. Thank you, Maggi. We definitely appreciate it!


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