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20 Days No Dairy!

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I made it through Thanksgiving, guys! The creamy macaroni was missed terribly, but I stuck to my guns and did not have one bite. Can you believe it’s been 20 days since I first announced my No Dairy Livin’? In that time I have noticed some visible changes in my body:

No acne breakouts. I have been exercising regularly as well. So nowadays there is definitely a glow in my face. My skin had held up even in the face of pre-period pimples. I’m excited about not needing to wear makeup everyday.

A little weight loss. It’s not a dramatic weight loss, but it’s a noticeable slim down. This, combined with my workouts, has been helpful for my clothes. I’m feeling a lot less bloat and inflammation. The belt notch has been tightened!

Not quite as tired. Obviously, I’m not tired if I’m working out. I do feel a little boost of energy.

These past 20 days have been a little challenging, though. I’ve been a lot more vocal with asking people, “does this have dairy/cream/butter in it?” It doesn’t hurt to ask. Just be polite and don’t sound pretentious about it.

Being dairy free a little like living gluten free. It’s not quite as difficult, but it does require a lot ingredient reading. Food products are really helpful these days with letting you know, Contains: Milk, Wheat, Nuts. I spend a lot more time reading my food labels before I purchase.

I think this is a real thing, guys. I think the No Dairy Livin’ has to be a solid lifestyle. I can’t go back to the way I felt when I was eating dairy. I will miss cheese and butter like crazy, but there are some things that people just aren’t allowed to have. And that’s okay.


Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

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