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My Curl Confession started in the 6th grade.  It was the last day of school and the night before my mother and I had decided to cut my hair “short for the summer”.  Up until this point I had the typical long (down to the middle of my back) single-length hair, which is all I can remember from my early days.  Well, my mother cut it (wet, of course) to a length we both thought was reasonable somewhere just above my shoulders.  It wasn’t until the next day when I got up and looked in the mirror discovered that I now a short, curly mess! It was incredibly short due to the spring factor of my curls, which neither my mom nor I saw coming! I was mortified….oh, how I cried!  I had no choice, I had to ride out the summer with really short – but very curly – hair, which I actually didn’t mind so much after the initial shock of it all.

Then, a few years later came Farah Fawcett!  I mean, really, who DIDN’T want those long, feathered tresses!  Hard as I tried I could not get Farah’s hair….luckily, that fad faded away in time. 

This all happened in the early 70s and I had a sister who was 8 years older than me who was absolutely terrified to get her hair wet because she said it was frizzy.  I distinctly remember her ironing her hair on an ironing board!   Even to this day, my sister thinks her hair is “frizzy”, despite many attempts on my part to show her exactly how to style it in a way that was just, simply, curly.

I really never totally hated my hair, I was just always baffled by it!  My “Ah-Ha” moment happened one day when I was in college. At that point I had again managed to grow my hair pretty long again but in layers so the curls were reveled and pretty. I was walking along a sidewalk with a friend and some guy passed us and said “nice mane”.  I turned to my friend and asked her what she thought he meant by that and she told me “it’s your hair dummy!”.  From that day forward, I cherished my mane…I am a Leo, after all, so it makes perfect sense to me.  Long live curls!!


Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

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