Curly Confession Contestants

Maggi (friend of the blog, you can check her out here, at CluelessCurl)

Before going natural I did not care about my hair. As long as creamy cracks, wigs, weaves, clip-ons, and clip-outs were available. I took advantage of them. They were a lifesaver at the time. It wasn’t until I had an awful painful braiding experiecne. I decided to look into taking care of my hair. But like many new naturals I was clueless. With that came frustration, lack of confidence, and daydreaming about the creamy crack. I knew I didn’t want to go back and I had to have patience. Two years later my hair is thick, strong, and healthy. It was NEVER like that before going natural. I’m so thankful to be a part of the natural hair community. My only regret is not embracing my curls sooner. But it’s better late than never.


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