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What does your natural hair mean to you?
When I look in the mirror everyday at the natural curl of my hair, I get excited and overwhelmed with a happiness that I havent felt for a long time.  I feel like my hair expresses me being me on a more original level.  I like the fact that my hair is curly and kinky at the same time and that with my hair, there is no one that looks like me.  True we all have different textures and all, but this is my individual expression of self.  I love the beauty of the coils and curls and the fact that at the end of the day, I have embraced a more confident, head strong, outspoken, open to exploring new things, kind of gal~!

What life was like before your curly transition.
Prior to my transition, I lacked confidence. Until now, I never realized that I was hiding under all of the weaves and relaxers. Natural hair journey has truly been a “journey.” I continue to grow more and more with confidence and my faith everyday, and it all began with my first big chop:)

I hated my hair for years. Between bad hair cuts, pricey products that didn’t help, and abuse of hot irons and blow “fryers”, I had a head full of fuzzy hair on top, and tight curls underneath. My hair would actually look shorter the longer it got because the hair underneath just curled even more while that on top slowly lost its curl. The ultimate blow was a keratin treatment. All set to chop off all my hair and start over, I discovered Lorraine Massey’s Devacurl products and techniques. It was like something in me clicked and I realized that I wanted my curls back, desperately. From the day I started using Devacurl, I vowed to love my curls and never abuse them again.

I’ve attached a picture that was taken after I’d used the keratin (It’s awful!), and then one for about a week or so after beginning the Devacurl products. The difference is amazing.


Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

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