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Thrift Stores, Oh how I love thee…


Thrift stores are my absolute favorite places to shop. They are extremely diverse in the items that they carry and have tons of vintage pieces. They also tend to be pretty affordable. I get 50-60% of my clothing (and family clothing) from thrift stores. Below are pics of my recent finds: (for me) a long faded gold chain necklace with embellishments, (for my daughter) a jumper dress (made in France with the phrase “en hiver au soleil” inscribed on it-meaning in winter or summer), a pair of new snowboots, and one of her Christmas presents-a junior grand piano! It is lovely and even came with a stool. It was only $10! I’m going to get it tuned up and have my husband adjust the legs. I love thrifting!!!


Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

3 thoughts on “Thrift Stores, Oh how I love thee…

  1. Where do you thrift? That piano is a beauty.


  2. Hey Maggs. Mostly Karen's closet (consignment store), Transitions (profits go to a battered women's shelter), and All Things Kids. Each of these may be unique to my town or state, but I'm not sure.


  3. You got me wanting to thrift soon. I've got my eye on blazers. Kinda like the one you wore to the expo!


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