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So, I am REALLY enjoying my straight hair. Perhaps too much. It’s been two weeks since I got it flat-ironed and it’s still straight, but thickening up a bit. I’ve enjoyed the ease of hairstyling and maintenance with this style as well as the ease of being. Let me explain. I’ve noticed a lot more smiles from people in the streets and at work since I straightened my hair. It’s also kind of nice to take a break from being the “other,” the “unique,” “eccentric” one. I love who I am and I adore my natural hair, but naturals out there I’m sure you can feel me on this. When we straighten our hair it’s like one less thing we have to worry about or something. It’s like okay I’m black and I have to deal with that in society, but for now I don’t have to worry about negative reactions toward my hair also. I actually feel kind of guilty for expressing these feelings, but they’re real (to me). My husband can touch my hair and actually feel my scalp. My daughter can run her fingers through my hair. I like that. My hair blows in the wind. It can look layered or feathered. I dig that. Not everything is great though. I can’t seem to find the right moisture level. The back of my hair is constantly catching on my sweaters and coats. I can’t “wrap” my hair worth a damn. It’s not all roses. But it has been a nice change.

Another thing that I have noticed is how much thicker straightened natural hair is compared to permed hair (in general). I love the volume and body that natural hair has when curly and straight. I may keep my hair like this for another week and do a flat twist out with it, then it’s back to curly. My goal is to only straighten my hair once a year (Fall or Winter). I imagine it will be something I anticipate each year.


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