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Straight Hair, Don’t Care

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Hey there! So, remember me saying that I was in kind of a hair rut and needed to do something? Yea, I got it flat-ironed today. I actually went to a salon and got it done because I was not up for the 2-3 hour process of doing it myself. I called various places trying to identify Black Hair Salon and was lucky enough to find one pretty quickly. Of course my second thought was “Can they do natural hair?” My hairdresser quickly eliminated all of my fears by saying that she does all types of hair and does not charge extra for natural hair. Go girl! She did a lovely job on my hair though I will bring along a heat protectant and wide tooth comb the next time:) We had a great discussion about the ills of the Black hair salon industry, namely their ignorance in dealing with alternative hair types. She even asked me if I was comfortable with the length that she was trimming off. She proposed an inch, I said how about half of that, and she said sure! This is the first time in almost 2 years that I have gone to a salon. I’m hoping to stretch this hairstyle out for two weeks, but in the past, flat-ironed hair has only lasted a week so we’ll see. Here are some pics (they don’t do the hairstyle justice!):

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One thought on “Straight Hair, Don’t Care

  1. It looks GREAT! More importantly, I'm glad you were able to establish rapport and trust with your stylist.


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