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Miracle Cleaner: White Vinegar

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All of you know my rabbit by now, she’s almost two years old and she’s full of love. She’s also full of pee and poo. You wouldn’t guess it by looking into this cute face, but Dobbie’s urine is out of control smelly gross. Luckily, she’s a fantastic litter trained bunny, who keeps her liquids in one litter pan. When we first got her, I read in a few books, that the safest most efficient way to leave up after rabbits was to use white vinegar. In the rare case that Dobbie “acts a fool” and pees in the corner of my closet, here’s what we’re left with

  • Dark orange stain
  • Strong ammonia smell
  • Calcium build up (rabbits have a lot of calcium in their urine)

White vinegar cuts through all of that like a KNIFE!

The stain is lifted and the smell is gone, which stops her from peeing there again. But this article isn’t just about Dobbie’s bathroom habits. I thought, if I could clean the rabbit’s tough stains with vinegar, what else could I clean with it?

Did you know that white vinegar is great for cleaning surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom? According to Heloise Hints, white vinegar can kill mold 90% of the time and bacteria 99%, this is stronger and more consistent than Chlorox and Lysol. So I’ve started cleaning the kitchen counters and stove top with the stuff. We’re all still alive and healthy. Other products under my kitchen cabinet promise to clean, but the ingredients are suspect and even harmful. I always need proper ventilation when cleaning my home and that scares me.

                                                      What else can you do with White Vinegar?

  • Soothe your insect bite and stings with it!
  • Make your nail polish last longer. Wipe your nails down before applying your polish
  • Got pit stains on your shirts? Spray them down before tossing him in the wash
  • Want to make dingy socks white again? Boil them in vinegar, then soak overnight
  • Tenderize your meats with it!
  • Does your garden have too much alkaline soil? Add some vinegar for those plants that need it (i.e. hydrangeas and holly bushes)
  • Bunnies and cats bothering your plants? Both hate the smell of vinegar. Spray it around your plant bed, or leave cotton swabs of it around.

So throw out your expensive dangerous cleaners and get some cheap but effective White Distilled Vinegar. Your, clothes, kitchen and garden will thank you. To find more tips on how to use Vinegar, check out this website:

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

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