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G.O.P. Is the New Black

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I just want to tell our readers that if they are not satisfied with the black man who is presides in the White House at the moment, HOLD ON! There’s another black man for you. He’s folksy, plain-talking, straight-shooting and all sorts of other euphemisms you might want in a president. He’s Herman Cain and he’s BLACK! He’s a tea-party man, but did I mention that he’s BLACK!!

Now I don’t know if you could spot my sarcasm, I tried to be subtle.

I refuse to be as stupid as political parties think I am. These days, I’m not particularly happy with either of the prevalent parties. Democrats have sat on their hands, appeasing and kissing the asses of their counterparts in congress. In doing so, Americans have missed the boat on some pretty important legislative changes, like viable health-care for the nation and the latest Jobs Act that was recent rejected.

The clowns in the Republican party have always spouted crazy, but lately, it’s been ratcheted up a notch with the current GOP Primary Debates. What are their bottom-lines? The same old nuggets really.

  • No abortions, in fact let’s keep most women’s rights to a minimum.
  • Letting up on those pesky Child Labor Laws. Kids need to know the value of a dollar!
  • Here in Ohio, the public sector worker is being attacked. We don’t really need firefighters anyway, do we?

And now the Republican party has the nerve to tell me that because I’m black, I need to change my vote from blue to red. Give me a little credit, will you? If there were actually cards for me to carry, I would be a straight up card carrying communist. Some of my main concerns, when it comes to politics, are equality (gender, race and religion) and labor rights.

It’s assumed that candidates like Herman Cain will be a perfect fit for me because I’m black, angry that I don’t have a job, and that I don’t like the current black president. Again, it’s a lot more nuanced than that. I might not be satisfied with Obama’s job, but I do know that the man had a lot to clean up. Herman Cain is a buffoon performing on the strings of his puppeteer, the Tea Party/Republican Party. Why wouldn’t I vote for Herman Cain:

  • He’s a businessman. Running a business is definitely not the same thing as running a nation.
  • He’s proud of his ignorance. Dude, not knowing here Uzbekistan is not cool. Don’t try to convince us otherwise.
  • This video
  • 9-9-9?!
  • Is it my choice to have an abortion is it not?

Neither of these parties are really addressing my dissatisfaction with the country these days. Neither party is squashing the growing desire for me to move to Canada. Until there is a legitimate structural change in this country, I won’t be satisfied with billboards like the one above. It’s not that easy.

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

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