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No Sweets-Day 3

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(Green tea that’s missing its agave/honey/maple syrup)

I almost broke 3 times today! First the bun cake at work, then an intense desire for pumpkin ice cream (yes, i will break my non-dairy ice cream trend every Fall for pumpkin ice cream/custard), and just moments ago when my husband brought home a variety of mini-cookies from work. He had to talk me out of not taking a bite out of the chocolate chunk and m&m cookie. Thanks love! I made it through. I stayed strong. Oh, it’s getting harder each day. I can’t back out after coming this far though (I sound like I haven’t eaten sweets for a month or something!). Tea is the last thing I’ll be consuming tonight. I have a stack of papers to keep me distracted. Oh, we put those cookies in the freezer until Friday:)



Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

One thought on “No Sweets-Day 3

  1. You are awesome. And what an amazing show of resolve last night saying no to the cookie that was in already in hand.

    Look forward to seeing your tired bones and my tired bones together with Miss Nona's untired bones running us ragged.


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