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5 Days, 5 Nights


That’s right, for 5 days and 5 nights I will not eat ANY sweets! Now, as you probably know this is going to be a VERY difficult thing for me (hec my last few posts were dessert recipes!). You may be wondering “Why does Evelyn keep putting herself through these trials?” Well, my friends it’s like this. I feel like since many of us have access to all of the food, media, etc. that we could want. I want to appreciate these things more. I feel like I overindulge in things like sweets, the internet, and shopping and need to take a pause here and there and experience life without these things. Furthermore, I want to examine my physical and mental state as I put myself through these changes. I think that they will reveal my dependencies, overindulges, and things that I am missing out on. I want to exert some discipline, some restraint. I want to be sure that I am appreciating things and not hindering my physical or mental abilities.

Since I became veg~tarian in July, I have experienced more energy and weight loss. I’m continuing to lose weight in a slow and healthy way by eating well (most of the time) and exercising regularly. However, I think that consuming numerous sweets per week is affecting my moods and ability to focus. This is a theory that I plan to test in the next 5 days. Research and self-reports have revealed that an overconsumption of sugar can indeed alter one’s moods (mood swings) and ability to focus. I started to see signs of this recently and I don’t like it. Today is the first day of my “no sweets” challenge and here’s what I feel like so far:

* initially tired
*mental clarity
*balanced/consistent mood
* a un-intense desire for something sweet
* moments of “what will i have for a snack?”

The last experience there was a little troubling because I realized that in-between meals I usually eat something sweet. I’m only 6 hours into this challenge and I’ve already noticed all of these things! Kind of scary. The only sugar I will consume will be via raw fruits and non-dessert foods that may contain traces of sugar. This challenge will continue until Friday and I will post brief updates on how I am doing each day. This is a serious challenge for me because I don’t think I have ever, in 28 years of living, gone A DAY without sweets (maybe when I was an infant, but you know what I mean). Well, I am off to do some 30 Day Shredding then my hair! 😉



Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

2 thoughts on “5 Days, 5 Nights

  1. Go Ev! You know who else could benefit from your plan? Noah! He's a man who believes in having dessert after breakfast!


  2. Tell Noah to try this!


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