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Okay, so I’m not doing that last bit, but I am trying to my make life a little less chaotic. I decided I need a safe haven for all my tasks and ideas to hang out. They are now, quite literally, hanging out on my bedroom wall.

What you see here, is a four tile corkboard situation with a dry erase board in the middle. Cork it, Write it, Swipe it. Not too sound like Liz Lemon, but this year is going to be different for ole Charish. Hopefully this will help with the organization and planning problem I have. Stay on the course, girl. Don’t veer off in to Charish Chaos Land where ideas get forgotten. . .

So far on my wipe off board:
  • A short to do list, there were three more items that were complete, you just can’t see them
  • My german numbers 1-10. I’m trying my hand at German, I’ll let you know how goes later, ja?
  • A quick weird sketch of a painting I want to work on this fall, right below Frida

Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

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