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Kanye, You Doofus.

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Skeptical onlooker

Oh Kanya, what issue are you throwing your hat into today? I found this through Evelyn’s guilty pleasure, Mr. West has caught the protest fever and has taken to the streets to display his displeasure. If you want to listen to Russel Simmons speak for West, you can watch this video. Then activate your incredibly exaggerated eye roll sequence. (Please include exasperated sigh, as well.)

Kanye, per usual, comes off looking a like a right wanker. But what else is new? Leave the protest, or the “riots,” if you’re a Fox News view, to the professionals. The 99%, if you will. West might make more money than god, but if he feels guilty about it, donate some of that money to a elementary school that’s about to get shut down. This is the “people’s” movement, meaning the little people. This is a time for people with no voice to stand up to the oppressors. This is not a time for West to promote himself.

I hope you, our readers, are in cities where demonstrations are taking place. If you are, I encourage you to take to the streets if you can. You either know someone or you yourself have been a victim of unfair wage labor practices. Is your house being foreclosed by a bank? Are you living with a $100,000 in student loan debt? Are you getting paid a lot less than what you’re worth and getting no benefits on top of it? I’m a firm believer that change doesn’t happen until the masses are done complying with their oppressors.

I guess this is why Kanye’s appearance is so unnecessary and casts a shadow of triviality upon the movement. If he really believed in the structural change that people are protesting for, that would mean him ACTUALLY being just like us. Wanna march with us? Be poor with us.

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

One thought on “Kanye, You Doofus.

  1. I don't know how I feel about wealthy folks joining the protest. I mean, if they agree that they should make less money and be taxed more than sure, join on in. But if it is just publicity stunt (likely with Kanye) then I certainly think that's ridiculous.


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