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~Guilty Pleasures~


We all have guilty pleasures. Those little things we either do in private or share only with those living with us. Usually the “little secrets” are not scandalous, just little things that make us happy, but may make others ask questions. Well, today I am going to reveal 3 of my little secrets to you!

1. My veggie baby does not always want to eat her veggies so…I sometimes put a little agave nectar or maple syrup on her salad to encourage her to eat it.

2.! I can’t help, but to sometimes be lured into celebrity gossip. What makes this site so intriguing is that the articles focus on black celebrities. Some of the things that they “report” are just downright trashy and lack credibility, but I can’t stay away.

3. I LOVE Gossip Girl! I know that many “progressive” and “educated” individuals would write this show off, but I actually really enjoy it. I can appreciate good writing even when the plot of a story or show is not something that I would typically be interested in. This show is FULL of drama which is the appeal for me, but it’s also entertaining to glimpse into a lifestyle so different from my own (although one of the characters-Blair-drank a “green juice” in one of the episodes-Ha!). Love it.


Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

2 thoughts on “~Guilty Pleasures~

  1. Thank you for being upfront with us. Ha! I'm about to check out one of your guilty pleasures right now!


  2. I actually stumbled upon Bossip. They are hilarious. Well, let me use that word cautiously as they are talking about real people with real issues and such. Guess you don't know who to believe – the stars, their agents or these Bossip 'reporters'.


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