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Now that Noah and I are in a place where we are stable and are likely to stay for awhile, I’ve gone ahead and used his birthday gift of  two magazine subscriptions. He knows how I like to keep up with my Essence and Mental Floss. While I haven’t gotten an Mental Floss issues, I’ve gotten three Essence! The third arrived yesterday and it’s the Hot Hair Issue!

I’m so excited that Essence recognizes the growing natural population out there in the world and they are definitely catering to it. There are fabulous photos showing what women all over the country are doing with their hair. In a few pages they’ve done what they usually do with Style on the Street but with hairstyles. So that’s real women on the street rocking their awesome manes candidly. Curls, locs, twists and afros! You name it, they wearin’ it!

In this issue, they’ve also done a great service to us by listing different salons for naturals to try. There is a spread about how to take care of different types of curls. They even turned me on to a new product like from a Houston, TX salon, I might want to investigate: Uncle Funky’s Daughter. If you know about it and have tried it, please drop us a line and tell us how you dig it.

Please pick up this issue and thumb through it. There are plenty of helpful tips for women who want to maintain all sorts of hairstyles. Whether it’s straight or curly, keep it healthy, ladies!

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

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