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Is Blue Magic Really the Ticket?

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So last night, your girl Ev and I were chatting on the phone. I was using Skype because I needed both hands free to twist my hair. I’m happy to say that when we were done talking I was finished with my hair and I that felt great. Evelyn, I think I will call you every time I do my hair, if you don’t mind 😉

But before I sat down to call Evelyn, I was watching this video to motivate myself to do the hairdo:

This is from YouTuber, jcokes7 and she’s all about doing her twists with hair grease, more specifically, the Blue Magic Organics. She wasn’t sure how she liked the product itself, but she did like the outcome and so did I! Her twist came out great! Her hair looked springy and well defined, with the movement we want from our twists. 
But then jcokes7 told us how she felt about petroleum. We all know those are the first and foremost active ingredients in products like Blue Magic, not to mention mineral oil and lanolin. However, she was a little heated about was the cancer causing claims people made against petroleum. This frightened me. I had no idea that there were carcinogens in Vaseline type products. jcokes7 made it clear that she wasn’t going to let products like Blue Magic dictate her life. While I applaud her making a stance on such a highly contested subject, I’m still concerned about what petroleum does.
While the jury might still be out on whether petroleum is a carcinogen or not, I am bothered by such a heavy product weighing my hair down. It is definitely true that petroleum is too heavy and suffocating on your scalp and hair shaft. It is true that no moisture will reach your scalp or shaft and build up will occur. 
jcoke7 did mention that when she washed her hair, it really needed it. As in, it was quite dirty. That’s not surprising at all. When I was using Blue Magic religiously, I washed out a lot of build up and dirt. Because if you’re taking that grease out into the environment, stuff in the environment with cling to it (i.e. dirt and debris). And you’re walking around with that stuff until you get around to washing your hair.
My solution? I’m sticking with my raw shea butter.

Last night, I mixed mine with coconut oil and used that mix on each twist. The next morning I undid the twists and got some great definition without the excessive greasy feeling on my fingers. My twist out was voluminous, but light weight enough to have movement. Plus the natural ingredients of shea butter and coconut oil make for no-nonsense and safe application.

Rest assure that there are no cancer scares at all with raw ingredients. If you’d like to make your own Shea butter concoction, try out Evelyn’s recipe! Happy and safe twisting to all of you ladies!

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

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