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It’s getting colder out and that means I’m wearing more sweaters. I’m able to drink cider if I make it at the place I work. I have an excuse the wear all of these “unnecessary scarves” I’ve got stockpiled in my closet. I should be happy, right? Instead, I’m feeling a little “blah.” I use the word “blah,” instead of something more telling when I get this way. It’s how I described myself to my therapist in college during our first meeting.

                                              “So Charish, why do you think you’re here?” 
                                              “Because I feel “blah.”
(Pause) “Can you elaborate?”

I usually can’t. This time of the year’s “Blah feeling” is probably due to the change of seasons. I’m excited about the cooling temps but my inner clock is slow to catch up considering I’ve come from such a hot climate. So I’m forcing myself to get into the fall season by doing certain things associated with the time.

Wearing fall clothes.Because it’s obviously a lot healthier than wearing my shorts and flip-flops.

Watching movies. Two films that get me in the mood for the upcoming holidays are John Carpenter’s Halloween and Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. It’s an odd match up, but they both play their own special roles in my childhood.

Downloading a ton of music. I’ve been wrapped up in stadium rockers like Queen and Led Zeppelin. Queen, because I’ve always been fan of Freddie Mercury’s voice. Noah’s turned me on to Led Zeppelin because he likes to listen to them in the fall season. Something to do with all of those Tolkien references.

Decorating the house. Noah and I broke out the box of Halloween decoration and put them up a couple weeks ago. It’s never really early for Noah considering Halloween is his favorite holiday.

Preparing for the expo. I’m still prepping myself for the Northwest Ohio Natural Hair and Beauty Expo by getting my supplies together. I’m almost ready.

So far that’s all I got, but I know there’s a lot more. The “blah” feeling might come from having too many things to do and not having the time to do them. Time management is also to blame. You’ve experienced this feeling. So much to do and no time to do them, so you feel a little frozen.

I’m trying to get myself out of this “fall rut” by DOING more rather than CONTEMPLATING.

I’ll keep you up to date on all of the “doing,” 
but in the meantime, tell me how you’re keeping yourself busy this fall season. 
What keeps you movin’ and groovin’?

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

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