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For Dinner Tonight


Noah and I went to Meijer for our weekly grocery shopping and left with a cart full of great healthy things. I’ve been inspired by Evelyn’s “veg~tarian” lifestyle and I’m ready for a change myself. Half of our purchases were vegetables and tonight I put together a great sandwich for myself.

On a fantastic pretzel bread roll, I put some fresh spinach, basil mayo, and these awesome chicken patties. They are meatless, soyless “chik’n” patties that taste really good, almost like the real thing. Kinda.  It was a nice light sandwich that filled me up right.

Oh, and I made the sunflower seed butter that Evelyn gave us in her last post. It turned at perfectly. I’m putting it on my toast, next I’ll find some great things to dip in it. Most likely, carrots or celery. Try it today!

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

3 thoughts on “For Dinner Tonight

  1. I gotta get me some Quorn!


  2. I GOT me some quorn! 🙂


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