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The Baggy Method

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Today I apple cider vinegar rinsed and conditioned my hair. Instead of styling it for work, I went ahead and tried the baggy method I learned about from YouTuber HairCrush. After I conditioned my hair further with coconut oil I put a plastic shower cap over my hair, like this:

Then I put my satin bonnet, that I usually sleep in over it. Just so I didn’t hear so much “crinkle crinkle”:

And lastly, I wrapped all of that in one of my favorite Thai scarves. It wear them all the time when I don’t feel like doing my hair.

So I went to work and hung out using this baggy method, without letting the wind and other elements get to my loose hair. Plus, I got a few compliments from how cute my wrap looked. Little did those women know, 1 part laziness and 1 part protective styling were my motivation.

The Baggy Method is great for an all day deep conditioning which my split ends need (also a trim, I suppose). It’s the easiest way to be on the move and take care of your hair at the same time. Try it today!


Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

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