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Vitamin Supplements???

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*Sidenote: I’m having major issues uploading my videos from the conference. I’ll keep working on it, but if you don’t see them then you know what the deal is 😦

I’ve found that a lot of naturalistas take vitamin supplements (i.e., prenatal vitamins, fish oil, etc). I’ve never really been into taking vitamins, namely because I can never remember to take them. Secondly, being the naturalist (nature naturalist) that I am, I believe that I can get all the nutrients that I need from food. However, even conscious food eaters sometimes fail to intake their suggested share of nutrients. Now that I’m veg~tarian, I’m even more concerned with getting all of the nutrients that I need. Research has flat out debunked the myth that vegetarians lack in protein so that is not an issue. I’m more worried about the vitamins that are found in the most abundance in animal meat and byproducts (ex: vitamin B12, calcium, iron, vitamin D). Everything but vitamin B12 is found in many vegetables and fruits, but in generally low numbers. Being veg~tarian has really opened my eyes to foods that I didn’t even know existed. I found that I have limited myself to certain fruits and vegetables my entire life. Lately I’ve been trying to explore the greatest variety of fruits and vegetables that I can get my hands on. I’ve developed an amorous relationship with mango (hello lover), a partnership with spinach (you’re the greatest, no you’re the greatest, no you…), and a new respect for kale (not so much raw, but sauteed good and dehydrated kale chips (recipe coming soon)-delicious!). I eat a variety of nuts, seeds, beans, and grains as well (along with faux meat and occasional eggs and cheese) so I’m getting some nutrients ya’ll, but is it enough?

A part of me feels like I’m experiencing the lingering brainwashing that I’ve received my whole life, this notion that there is a “pill for everything”. Did you know that some scientists have stated that vitamin supplements have not been shown to be beneficial to our health? The reason being is that many people don’t eat well so taking vitamins is not going to make up for it. Interesting. A tentative decision that I’ve made is to take a multivitamin occasionally (when I eat poorly for more than a few days or when I have more than 2 alcoholic beverages). At this very moment the hippie on my left shoulder (I don’t have an angel and a devil conscience, I have a hippie and a capitalist, lol) is saying “Just drink some green juice. Groovy”. 🙂 So this is where I’m at. Indecisive as usual (I promise that I DO occasionally actually make decisions and stick to them!).

What are your thoughts on vitamin supplements?
Vegetarians and vegans what measures do you take?



Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

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