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Is My Afro Safe?

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I don’t mean in the “stay tuned to the six o’clock news alarmist” sense of safe. I love wearing my afro and I get a lot of compliments on it, but is it safe for my overall hair health? When I look at how I manage my afro on a daily basis, I wonder if I’m doing something wrong. Very little manipulation is what I’m striving for, but with an afro, I pick and shape quite a bit. Perhaps more than necessary. Breakage is starting to be a problem.

This is me in my dirty hippy state. This morning I did a wash and go that resulted in of a lot of shrinkage. If I look perplexed it because I have not seen noticeable growth in my hair for the last few months. If I straightened my hair, I’m pretty certain that my ends wouldn’t reach my neck. Not that length is the end all be all of my hair’s existence. Health is most certainly my highest priority.

I’m thinking that the afro picking might be to blame. Also my year long smoking habit could be a culprit. So I think I might relax on having the biggest baddest fro in the western hemisphere and try my hand at twists and twist outs. Less manipulation, less breakage. Expect some twist posts from me in the future.


Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

One thought on “Is My Afro Safe?

  1. Lol at my dirty hippy state

    You might be on to something I don't wear my hair in a fro alot but the one time I did I was constantly picking and shaping it that resulted in me not wanting to wear that style all the time


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