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Up in Smoke


I’ve made a decree, ladies and gentlemen. Charish is weaning herself from cigarettes. I decided to do this while walking around Meijer with Noah and felt dreadfully tired. As Noah looked through the aisles for scotch tape, I announced: “I think I want to stop smoking.” He was surprised and reluctant to respond.

“Oh yeah?” He’s not an enabler, but he’s not very quick to judge my habits, expecting the same from me.

It’s been almost a year since I first started smoking and I feel like I’m slowing down. Noah and I are finally in a place where we can walk around like normal pedestrians. But I’m more tired these days and of course, I can link it back to smoking at least 6 cigs a day (conservative average).

I started while waitressing at Scruffy Murphys in Columbus. Late nights of slinging pints made me want to escape outdoors to get a moment of “alone time.” I gave myself a smoke break every chance I got just to get away from creepy men, loud music, and my shrill boss.

Well, I kept up the habit. My “alone time” now consists of reading a book and lighting up. Sitting in a park and lighting up. Riding in the car and lighting up.

There is no way I can be a legitimate natural hair blogger and continue this habit. Not when I read this article written by Hair Boutique. My smoking is most likely stunting the growth of my hair and damaging the hair I have. That should be enough to stop, but addiction is powerful, my friends.

I’ve already tried my hand at weaning myself from my habit. Yesterday, I smoked one cig. Today, I’ve smoke two. I’m going to limit myself to three or less in one day and see how that works. Wish me luck, folks. I’m gonna need it. I will do my best to update you (honestly).


Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

2 thoughts on “Up in Smoke

  1. Take it one day at a time girl!!!!! I know been smoking since I was 16. Some days I cave in to just one and other times I can go weeks with out one. Its hard, but I have learnt it does get better and easier. I've tried the gums as well as fake cigs, shock videos and the puff inhaler thingie ( thick, all you do is puff and nothing comes out? lookes like a whistle? ) but weaning myself was the better option. Good luck to you!!!!


  2. GOOD FOR YOU!!!! I think that you will quickly begin to see beneficial effect in skin, hair, and overall health. I've secretly wished that you would stop smoking, but I wasn't sure how to address it. I knew eventually you would come around on your own. I'm so excited and happy for you! It won't be easy, but you can do it. You know how much I used to smoke…hmmm…smoke…yea and now it's a distant memory and I think more clearly, look healthier, and feel better. Smootches.


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