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Noah and I visited a great little market today called “Tee’s Oriental Food and Gifts,” where we found some amazing things to make future Thai, Chinese and Japanese meals. There were shrimp pastes, preserved duck eggs, authentic fish sauces, it reminded me of wandering around Bangkok’s China Town.

My friend Dave Bates and I traveled up and down dark soggy market stalls running into unidentifiable cuts of meat, live frogs in barrels, burning incense, monks in saffron hued robes. . . Well kind of like that. Never again will we be stumped over how to substitute the Thai eggplants in Green Curry for something else. They’re at this store!

We also found a couple treats that we hadn’t had since we were both in Thailand years ago. Rambutan fruit and Carabao Energy Drinks

I know the fruit looks crazy weird, but once you get past its hairy urchin-like exterior you get this amazing candy sweet white flesh

When I lived in Bangkok, I ate bags of these that were sold from trucks around my neighborhood. Some Thai man on a loudspeaker would shout from his truck: “Arrrrrrooyy” Delicious. He was right. These were a real healthy treat.

The Carabao Energy drink is similar to Red Bull without carbonation. By the way, Thailand is the birthplace of Red Bull. But this drink is named for the Thai rock star and after downing the bottle, I’m ready to start unpacking more of our stuff at home. Whoo!

It’s fun to find new places like Tee’s Oriental. I hope our exploration takes us to more interesting shops here in Toledo.


Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

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