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Shopping Trip!

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Here in town, there is a great mall with stores in it I can’t afford to step foot in, but Noah humored me and followed me into all of them, trying not to appear out of place. In a Forever21, it’s hard to do, but he was a good sport for trailing me and answering most of my questions like: “What do you think about this bias cut blouse?” or “Can you think of anything in my closet that I can wear this with?”

He made it painfully obvious that I needed some girlfriends to do this with as he answered with a thoughtful nod: “That looks nice. That also looks nice. I like that too. Sure, that’s also nice.”

I was starting to get a little frustrated going into stores like The Gap, which Noah calls “Totalitarian Couture meets Casual Friday.” I like The Gap a lot because of their nondescript items that I can wear with everything, but I don’t like their prices. I know that they’re out of my league.

Their older more well-to-do sister company, Banana Republic, forces me to stand outside and breathe hot air on to their windows. Noah will also scoff at this place, saying they are aptly named because of America’s long history of exploiting actual banana republics. Next time, I will leave him in the car.

I also feel a little uncomfortable going in to places I used to shop like Charlotte Russe. Everyone in there is a tad younger and go to more nightclubs than I.  I don’t wear sparkles or pleather or satin shiny things. Nor do I wear sky scraper heels. Not when I break an ankle twice a year just by walking in flip flops. Ugh.

My saving grace was actually a place named for such a crowd I do not belong to. At Forever21 I found a cute preppy look for don for the fall.

   Imagine that I am this girl wearing the pinstripe button down blouse to the left, only I’m not quite as skinny and I’m a few shades darker.

I plan to layer this blouse under the brown sweater seen to the right. and wear with jeans.
I’m imagining this outfit equipped with my suspenders and grey tweed fedora.

    I’m going to pair this belt with my “Michelle O” navy blue shirt dress with the upturned collar and cinched waist.
This skinny belt will be great to wear with the brown tunic sweater as well

The last great find of that day was at Torrid, fabulous fashion for plus sized ladies. I couldn’t find these brown oxfords anywhere else in my size (10). It seems most stores stop at size 9 and assume tall women just walk around with bare feet.

 I left the mall with my dignity intact. The shoes were a little under $30, both belts were about $5 each, the sweater was around $12 and the pinstripe button up was about $15. I’m not ready to greet Fall. I hope she arrives quick!


Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

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