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Sexy Ice-Cream


I’ve been reading this great book about natural holistic skin and hair care called: 
The Holistic Beauty Book by Star Khechara

In it I found a cool recipe that’s perfect for the warm weather outside. If you’re a vegan or lacto-intolerant and can’t do traditional ice cream then Sexy Ice-Cream might be for you!

-3 ripe organic bananas
-Half a vanilla pod

  • Slice and freeze the bananas overnight
  • Scrape out the seeds of the vanilla pod and add to the sliced bananas
  • Blend in a food processor until the consistency of soft ice cream
  • Variation: add other frozen fruits, e.g. strawberries or blackberries 

Cool off and feel great with this treat!


Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

3 thoughts on “Sexy Ice-Cream

  1. This is my favorite thing to make! I've been meaning to show how I make it in a tutorial but eh..haven't quite made it there yet lol I'm gonna try to remember to get that done!


  2. Nice! Make one of your cute YouTube videos, but have it silent with that 50's homemaker music in the background. Then pull your finished product (even though it's ice cream) out of the oven!


  3. hahah that's a great idea! I think I will! 😀

    I wanted to comment again because I gave you a Sunshine Award, check the details here 🙂


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