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May There Be Peace Hummu-ng Us!


J’adore hummus! I keep garbanzo beans around and whip up hummus at least once every other week. Hummus is extremely easy to make and you can make lots of different variations. I’ll post my favorite hummus recipe below. In the pic above I spread hummus over some pieces of homemade whole wheat bread and topped it with sliced kalamata olives. This dish along with a romaine, tomato, and cucumber salad is lunch. Everything is dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan. I’ve replaced cheese, butter, and milk with non-dairy alternatives (I’m lactose intolerant and I’ve come to terms with it). I’m loving homemade almond milk (not so much the store brand though) and my rice-based cheese. The alternative soy butter I’m still working out (not crazy about the smell or the taste). Anywho, I am loving being vegetarian! I never had my” last meat meal” and I don’t care to. I actually don’t miss meat at all. The most annoying thing I’ve encountered is the rare occasions of eating out and not having many food options. The great thing is that restaurants, cafes, and a few fast-food joints are providing more vegetarian and even vegan options. I can’t wait to visit Chicago again and go to New York some day and eat at some of the acclaimed vegetarian, vegan, and raw restaurants. For dinner I’m making individual pizzas with homemade pesto, tomatoes, and kalamata olives. I may throw some fake mozzarella cheese on top. Am I making you hungry??? Let me know if you all are interested in more vegetarian, vegan, and raw recipes and I will post them sporadically. I’m trying out a lot of different things in the kitchen! 😉


1 can of garbanzo beans (or 1 cup of soaked sprouted garbanzo beans)-reserve 1/4 cup of liquid

1 garlic clove minced

juice from half a lemon (or less)

olive oil


cayenne pepper

black pepper

Place all ingredients in blender or food processor. Blend to desired consistency.


Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

5 thoughts on “May There Be Peace Hummu-ng Us!

  1. Looks good yes you are making me hungry I love me some hummus


  2. Great recipe! But I'm going to your post as having “The Cheesiest Title Ever!”


  3. @Maggi, it's soooo good and so easy to make!
    @Charish, i know, i know, lol 😛


  4. We made some hummus a week or so ago, it was a bit salty..blame my sweetheart who doesn't season to taste.. but it was nice 🙂 I had it on thin wheat Wasa crackers with avocado and homegrown tomatoes!


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