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Yes to Sid the Science Kid!

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I just discovered this wonderful PBS series and I am geeeeked! My daughter loves Dora the Explorer and we have over 14 Dora dvds to prove it. We have a couple of Curious George dvds and that’s great too, but it seems like cartoons with characters of color are hard to find! I’m not talking about the “token” character of color in most shows, but leading, numerous characters of color. I’m not racist and I think that white people are just as great as all other human beings, but I seek out educational shows (and toys) with characters of color for my daughter. She can see white people in the media at every turn and pretty much whenever her eyes are open. It’s important to me to show her that there are intelligent, unique, and cool persons of color in our world, in products, and in the media. I digress, but Sid the Science kid is friggin awesome! Not only do most of the characters have color, but their hair looks natural too! Are those locs? Loving it! The icing on the cake is that Sid’s parents are an interracial couple and his mother is black with natural-looking hair! I’m down right giddy. Aside from all of that awesomeness the show is really good. It’s extremely educational, informative, and fun. Parents (and anyone else) if you are looking for a great children’s show, here’s one! 😉


Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

One thought on “Yes to Sid the Science Kid!

  1. Yay for that! I'm glad that cartoons are shaping up these days. They have come a long ways from the Franklin on Peanuts! I'm glad Nona has a chance to learn something from someone who looks a little like her, if not a little “doughy.”


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