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Hello Readers!

For those of you who are not familiar with the going-on’s of Blogger, let me tell you the awesome stats function available to us authors. With a click of a mouse and through some Google magic, Blogger keeps count of the audience for our blog and their respective countries. I check in occasionally to see who’s reading. Just today, we’ve had readers from:





Knowing this is utterly fascinating to me! I want to know how a reader stumbled upon our little blog and what they think of it. Are these ex-pat black women in other countries in need of some natural hair resources? Are they merely curious international readers who find our content interesting? Either way, Evelyn and I are honored!

I will remind you that we surely value our American readers, we’re definitely more familiar with their needs and experiences. They’re probably the audience we write to when we’re reporting on hair, food and political issues.

But Ev and I are also Citizens of the World. Are you from a reader from South Korea who wants to tells us more about your life there and how it pertains to natural living? Are you a reader from the UK who wants to share your experience with product purchasing? If so, please let us know. Our purpose in creating this forum is to better understand the world we live in and the people of it.

Evelyn doesn’t have Sociology training for nothing! My living in Bangkok hasn’t only whetted my appetite for more international travel. Getting to know people in other countries is our duty, responsibility and pleasure!
So please, if you’re from another country with something to say, please drop us a line at: 
Just leave a comment below telling how you came to know us, what your natural hair experiences are beyond the US, or questions and criticisms. We’ll take it all!

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Writer and Educator.

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