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Spending Time with Me


After a lovely night’s sleep, I woke up to Noah telling me he was off to the office. It must have been before 8 am, an ungodly hour for me these days. That’s what happens when you don’t have structure in your life. I didn’t get out of bed until 10:30 because it was my prerogative.

Breakfast consisted of a bowl of this cereal with almond milk and a few chunks of cantaloup. It’s probably the best breakfast I’ve fed myself since our transition to Ohio. I deserved to feel this great.

 While I munch on my flax, I finished the second season of True Blood that we rented at Family Video. Did I tell you that Family Video is only a block away from our apartment? It’s been a major help to us considering we don’t have cable yet.

I took an extremely long earth killing shower and co-washed my twists that are managing to stay together. I dressed myself like a bum, didn’t put on make up and headed outside to the back stoop to smoke two cigarettes. I know this totally cancels out the awesome breakfast I had, but I’m working slowly towards a healthy lifestyle. Real slowly.

While I was out there, I thought about what I wanted to do with myself for the rest of the day. The sun was hidden by clouds and it wasn’t too hot. I decided I would walk off my two cigarettes and head downtown. On this nice long walk, I listened to my walking playlist and a few other songs. It was wonderful to get the exercise of walking on safe sidewalks, a luxury I didn’t have in Georgia.

I stopped here at Chandlers Coffee:

I had an Americano, black. And another cigarette.

I sat down and cherished the alone time. Whenever I go out, it’s usually Noah and Me time. Today it’s been Me time only. It’s easy to take Me time when you don’t have children climbing all over you, my mother told me when I was younger. She’s most likely correct about that, if not a little tactless.

In this time, I got to think about my goals, ask myself questions and get completely narcissistic.

What doesn’t Charish want to listen to? 
She wants to hear some Led Zeppelin
What websites does Charish want to visist?
She wants to read the news on
What does Charish want to read?
All of the books she brought with her on her journey, including this one:

While sipping on my Americano, I overhead two elderly women softly debating who would be paying for who’s coffee. One was relentless: “I’m treating you!” The other’s rebuttal was “I’m treating you because you drove!” It was sweet but it suddenly made me a little sad. Just as I was getting used to the idea of Charish Time, I suddenly missed my friends. I wondered what Evelyn was doing? Was she playing with the baby? Making pumpkin bread and getting ready to ship it to me? (hint hint) I also missed my girlfriends in Georgia. Were they teaching classes right about now? Running errands?

Sigh. Solitude is nice. . . for a while. It centers you and makes you more conscious of your place in the universe. Now, I’m looking forward to seeing my husband when he leaves the college. I want to ask him how Noah Time went. Did he get what he needed accomplished? Did he learned anything interesting about the world? Did he enjoy his solace?

Like most dichotomies in the world, solace can’t be enjoyed without being amongst the crowd first and the opposite is equally true.

Well, what do you know? Noah’s walking through the cafe right now. I think I will catch up with him. . .

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2 thoughts on “Spending Time with Me

  1. I totally agree with you. “Me” time is only good in doses. I miss you, too, and wish I had been there to smoke cigarettes and drink coffee with you. Give a girl a call soon!


  2. I looove ME time! It's so rare in my life now, but when I get it I absorb it. Pumpkin bread…mmmm


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