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No Fried Food Challenge Update, etc.

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I’ve been bad. I ate fried foods on two separate occasions! This is what happened. I went out to breakfast with my family and some friends, ordered an omelette and toast and did not realize (honestly) that home fries came with the meal. Of course home fries are fried so I was disappointed. However, the portion was very small and I did not eat all of them. Then, the county fair began. You have to have SOMETHING fried at the county fair! Lol. I couldn’t resist. Due to my lack of discipline I have added two additional days to my challenge. If you have done well, feel free to end the challenge on the 18th of August, but I will go until the 21st of August.

In other news, I have been strongly pondering either vegetarianism or veganism. I don’t think either will happen anytime soon, but I see it in my future. I don’t eat a lot of meat anyway, but I LOVE dairy products. As far as meat, I’ve cut pork and I’m strongly considering cutting beef (but I love steak and rib tips, oh my). I am in limbo about it all. I just want to be at my optimum health and agility. My daughter is vegetarian due to my husband and I not giving her meat until she was nearly a year old. When we introduced it to her she gagged and still at 15 months seems disinterested. My husband says that she will grow to like it, but I secretly hope that she never will. She eats lots of fruits, vegetables, and grains and has lovely skin and energy for days.

I have decided to begin incorporating vegan and raw meals into our home. I aim to have either a vegan or raw meal at least once a week. I’ve also began having “green smoothies” several times a week. Green smoothies can include many different types of greens- spinach (my fav), kale, lettuce, cabbage, etc. You make them in the same way that you would a regular smoothie, but most people use water instead of milk or yogurt and add protein powder and/or some sort of fiber. I’m going to make lots of different variations, but my most common green smoothie will include: spinach, a banana, frozen mangos, frozen pineapples, frozen strawberries(I think that frozen fruits blend better and I like my smoothies COLD), and almond milk/orange juice/ water (delicious! my daughter even likes it). I may try some protein powder at a later date. The more protein and fiber rich a smoothie, the more filling and nutritious it is.

So this is where I stand, in my usual heap of a million plans, ideas, and goals. I still haven’t gotten around to my mini-twists yet. I’ve been so unmotivated to do my hair. I’m actually anxiously anticipating a bentonite clay treatment again though. If you haven’t tried bentonite clay, you should, the stuff is magical.


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