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Food Challenge: No Fried Foods!


So I’ve got back into my exercise routine (taebo and resistance cord exercises 4x a week), but now I’m going to focus more on my food intake. I love sweets. I don’t think I could cut out sweets completely, but I do eat them in moderation. Since I insist on eating sweets, I’ve decided to cut out fried foods for one month beginning tomorrow. So from July 18-August 18 I will not eat fried foods. This includes obvious things like fried meat and fried vegetables, but french fries and potato chips are also included. Mind you, I don’t eat a ton of these things anyway. I think that this will be challenging for me, but completely possible. I don’t eat out much and when I do it’s usually thai or sushi. At home I sometimes make zucchini fritters, fried shrimp, and fried potatoes so I’ll have to cut out those things which I really like.

I think that this challenge will be beneficial for weight loss and toning my body. Even after the challenge is completed I plan to limit my fried food intake. Over time I am going to challenge myself with other things like no t.v. for a month, no internet outside of work obligations and blog updates on the challenge, no sweets excluding fruits for a month (this will be the hardest;), no cell phone for a month, etc. In our fast food, technologically laden world I think it’s beneficial for us to sometimes exit things that we don’t really need, but we’ve become somewhat dependent on. During each of these challenges I am going to spend time meditating, writing, reading, and generally exploring my inner self.

Is anyone else interested in this challenge?


Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

4 thoughts on “Food Challenge: No Fried Foods!

  1. I'm in I think I can go a month without any fried foods and I want in on the no sweets challenge too Good luck!


  2. Yay, thanks Maggi! It's nice to have someone with you on things like this-motivation:) Good luck to you too!


  3. What about fruit? If I can have some fruit then I'm in. I'm going to give it a go!


  4. Oh yeah Charish, for this challenge I'm only cutting out fried foods. I have to mentally prepare myself for the no sweets, except fruit challenge:) I'm glad you're on board!


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