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Traveling in Illinois Through Photos

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Noah and I have been touring Illinois one city at a time and here are some photos that show my cool mellow time hanging out with friends

Here we are still in the South. This fireworks outlet was wicked scary racist. Inside over the loudspeaker, Don Imus was ranting about a liberal America and I found these special trinkets!

But thank God we found Illinois. Here in Champaign, I finally got to meet Evelyn’s one year old sweetie pie Lanona, the cutest, friendliest, child in the world. 

Of course it was fantastic 
seeing Ev and Casey again after so 
long. Soon, Noah and I will be closer
to Champaign and I will hang out 
with Ev all the time.

 My good friend, Evan is documenting our day hanging out at Downtown Normal, IL. We went from one cafe to another, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. 

We found some interesting reads located at Babbits Books (shown to the left). I’m excited to drink more coffee and read up on how to be a foodie.

 We stayed with our good friends Lily and Chris at their Shangri-La home in Normal. I found this gorgeous “hair ornament” in their garden before me, Lily and our friend Nella went thrift store shopping

After shopping, we need a good smoke. Only TJ Maxx doesn’t support loitering. Whateva!

Author: Charish Halliburton

Writer and Editor for The Motley News

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