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The Last Relaxer on Earth


I’m watching the AMC television series “Walking Dead” and I am taken by this character Jacqui: The Last Black Woman on the Earth. She’s really intelligent and an asset to the show’s remaining group of people. In a world overran by zombies, Jacqui has a good head on her shoulders. She’s a former city planner for the city of Atlanta, so she knows the underground sewer system. How cool is that?!

But let’s check out her hair:

It’s been a month into the Zombie revolution and she’s still got a relaxer, her hair still looks cute, but you can see it’s starting to wilt. . .

Now check out her hair, it’s NATURAL! She has transitioned!

So that made me wonder what would happen if perms were no longer available?
Not necessarily because of a zombie apocalypse, but because of something equally catastrophic. 
Dark and Lovely, Just For Me, PCJ. . . they’re all gone. What would you do?
You would just deal with it and use far less product and resources that are available today for most naturals. This character had a lot more important things on her mind, like “Will zombies kill my friends?” “Are we going to have enough gas to make it to the CDC and find a cure?” 
Whatever she was doing to her hair seemed like a pale shadow to the rest of the show. But I did notice that it still looked cute. She was dealing with stress and was still looking good. I also wonder if the show’s producers or the actress Jeryl Prescott thought about this during the writing process.
I guess what I want to say is don’t wait for an apocalypse to go natural. Don’t let salon trips on Saturdays overrun your life when there so many more pressing issues in this world.

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

3 thoughts on “The Last Relaxer on Earth

  1. Cute article. I am sure she probably had to tell them about the hair issues of a sista on the run from zombies. I'm natural but if some catastropic was to happen I would shave my hair off because I would know there would be no relaxers for touch ups.


  2. This would be an interesting phenomenon! Some people would be in straight up panic! Lol. This would be a great reality show…:)


  3. LOL, I love this! Good point!


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