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Lunch with hubby


Hey, hey! My husband got the day off and this is one of the days that my daughter attends daycare for a few hours, so we were so excited to be able to have lunch alone. These moments are rare (I’m sure some of you parents can feel me). We decided on Indian food at a place called Bombay Grill. There are two locations of this restaurant in our town and we usually go to the more formal one, but today we decided to go to the one located on the UIUC campus. Here are a few pics:

Meal: Paneer Tikka masala (loooove it!)

My husband
is a clown! 🙂

~ Evelyn~

Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

2 thoughts on “Lunch with hubby

  1. Aw you two are so cute! The food looks soooo yummy! I'm doing a recipe on an easy saag recipe


  2. Thanks Autumn! I hope you'll post it, that sounds good:) I cook quite a bit, but I've never made anything outside of American and Mexican foods so I definitely want to try something else one day. I have co-worker who makes themed-meals for her family every once in awhile and I always thought that was really cool.


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