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Billy Blanks: inventor of the Taebo exercise

Lately I’ve been slacking on exercise, but I think I got my groove back. Although I think running is the ultimate exercise, I find that I can talk myself out of doing it pretty easily. You have to put on running clothes, decide where to run, look out for crazies, dogs, bikers, etc. It can be a task. Most days I just do a 20 minute Taebo workout in my home. You may think that 20 minutes is not a lot of time to workout, but if you feel that way, you haven’t done Taebo for 20 minutes! Lol. Taebo is definitely a cardio exercise as it involves all parts of your body and is very rigorous. It is a combination of tae kwon do and kickboxing. I love it. I’ve done Taebo (inconsistently) for several years now and I feel and notice a difference in my body when I do it consistently. I like the basic Taebo workout, but there are several video options to choose from. If you’re looking for a good cardio workout that will not take much time out of your day I highly recommend Taebo.


Author: charishreid

Writer and Educator.

3 thoughts on “Taebo

  1. LOL!!! Looking out for crazies. I haven't tried taebo but it seems like a task and I know I'll never get around to doing it. Off to running I go.


  2. The crazies are real though, I know you get them when you're running. “Hey girl!” “Hey baby” “Work it!” and the like. Lol. Your're right taebo is no joke, it kicks my butt.


  3. The crazies stop me from even WALKING! But that shouldn't be my problem, just theirs. Good luck keeping your regiment going, when I settle, I shall join you!


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