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Flat Ironed Hair

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Hey! So, today on a whim I decided to flat iron my hair! I haven’t flat ironed my hair in almost 2 years. I haven’t done it myself in even longer than that. When I’ve gone to salons to get it done, I could smell my hair burning each time the pressing comb touched it. I’ve had heat damage each time I’ve gone to a salon. As you can see from the pics my hair is not bone-straight. It actually looks like I just blow-dried it. My hair is super thick so it takes either a lot of heat or frequent flat ironing to get it bone-straight. I blow-dried my hair on a low heat setting and flat ironed it on a low heat setting so it did not get very straight. My goal was not to get it bone-straight, but to stretch it and get a better perception of my hair length. I plan to wear buns and to do a flat-twist hairstyle while it’s stretched. I don’t know when I’ll flat iron my hair again, it will probably be awhile. The next time I will get it more straight. It was nice to mix things up a bit, I’ve been getting bored with my hair:)

Pic#1- Hair before (old braidout), Pic#2- Front view of flat ironed hair,
Pic#3- Back of flat ironed hair


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