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Black Soap Follow-up


After being asked by devoted reader, Naturaleza, about more information on RA Cosmetics Black Soap, I thought I would try for it for a few weeks before I convince you all of it’s powers. This is the same product that I compared weeks before in another product review:

Here are the Ingredients:
Pure Honey                                  
Shea butter                                      
Osun (camwood)                            
Cocoa pod powder
Plantain peel powder
Palm kernal oil
Coconut oil
Aloe Vera

Price: ~ $2.00 for a 5 oz bar

Smell: Nutty

Consistency: Particle bits, slightly gritty, but this can be worked into a good lather (because of the palm kernel oil.) Just be cautious about rubbing this directly on your face and other sensitive parts of the body like the decolletage. It’s a super exfoliate!

Results: I feel really good about this soap. There are no irritants, no obvious over drying effects. . . so I’ve been able to use this twice a day. In the morning and before I go to bed. In the morning, I use a light Aveeno moisturizer and before I go to bed, I use that same moisturizer with a small bit of shea butter for some nighttime skin repair. For several weeks, this regiment has been working out for me. I’ve noticed a sharp decline in break outs and an increase in fading old marks. 

Would I use it again? Yes, I’m running out at the moment and I’m going to buy some more. I did however, make the mistake of leaving the bar in the shower. Since this is a really porous soap, constant wetness causes it wear away quickly. So keep it in a dry place!

Author: charishreid

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4 thoughts on “Black Soap Follow-up

  1. Thanks so much, Charish!

    I really do appreciate this follow-up. And, now that it is up and my summer holidays are soon here I'll be on the hunt for the R A brand black soap. I hope I can find it. Otherwise I'll try something with similar ingredients. It is a good yardstick to use – the ingredients in the soap 'cos they are powerful and beneficial.

    I have a review to do of a soap I'd been using with Shea butter.

    You had asked in the earlier post if I had changed my diet, as the key to solving my recurring breakout. No, I have actually been having more water intake.

    Thanks again.


  2. Thanks for posting this review Charish! I've been thinking about trying it for awhile. I have to buy a bar.


  3. Charish, I'm trying to source the RA Cosmetics here but sadly, it is not sold here. Did you purchase it online? And if so where online?




  4. You can find it online at


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